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Shutters & Shears


I'll be heading down to Los Angeles, California in mid-July (17th) to shoot the inside cover of "The History of Boeing" and will then be making my way back up to 2nd shoot a wedding in Modesto, CA on the 20th.  While down there, I'll be visiting my little girl (praise God) and hopefully booking a few more shoots to help cover the cost of getting there and back.  If anyone is interested, please e-mail me via jake@jakegravbrot.com.  The dates in So. Cal would be the 16th and 17th.  

Finch - Warped Tour Portland

Deon & Anberlin Day 178 & 179 of the #JG365Project

Every day, I relate a story to a photo, and most days it comes fairly easy. Certain photos have more words or stories than I could possibly begin to relay and today is one of those. How does this guy fit into my life? Where do I even begin? Pictured here, is Deon, who plays bass in a band that has been one of the biggest inspirations in my life since I started paying attention to them almost a decade ago. Anberlin would record their albums in Seattle, mere blocks away from where I lived. They'd stay for a month and we'd hang out almost nightly/daily. The bond went beyond the music, beyond the haircuts, beyond the late night jam sessions at the recording studio. We'd sit and smoke cigarettes, drink beer and talk about life. I went and visited him and his wife in St. Petersburg, FL a few years back and I envision I'll have to do that more in the future, because at the end of the year, Anberlin is calling it a career. I'd probably write a chapter in my book of life to justly give Deon his place, but for today, he's day 178 of the #JG365Project and that'll have to suffice.
If you want to know the honest truth, I wrote this band off when I first heard them in the winter of 2003. It was on a sampler CD and I judged them off of one song. Somewhere around a year later, I was exposed to another song off of the same debut record and I realized that I had been gravely wrong. Had this taken place in 2014, chances are, I wouldn't have even had the opportunity to give them a second chance. In an over saturated market of cookie-cutter music now, I'd have probably moved on to the next band, and forgotten all about Anberlin. Thankfully, this was a decade ago and there wasn't the same 2 second attention span that so readily exists with music now. Fast forward 11 years later and I'm watching the beginning of the end, relishing each and every song that they play, even as I've heard them now countless times over the years. You realize that nothing is permanent -- but some things can be. For every album, every song, every photo there is a memory associated with it. I'll keep those memories long after the band is no more, but I won't ever take for granted the final moments that exist this year as they take the stage every last time. There's a final line on their new record that goes like this "We'll live forever" ... and in my heart, my mind, and in the soundtrack to my life, they always will. #JG365Project Day 179.


Since selling the salon and moving to Zero Zero (which I love), I've seen some major changes.  I'm back to making paychecks again, and the term "living from paycheck to paycheck" has never been scarier.  Without putting too much information out there to the public, the State of Washington has been absolutely destroying me financially, because of past due child support and current child support being more than I actually make per month. Every month, I fall further behind, but the state is taking considerably more than I was told they would out of my checks.  For example, my last paycheck was $33 dollars.  You read that right.  I just received a paycheck for less than the cost of ONE haircut with me.  My previous paycheck was $240.  Prior to that, it was just over $300.  So, for the past month and  half, I've had less than $700 to live off of.  Rather than spend 4 days working full time, but not being fully booked, I'm going to consolidate my days to 3 days per week and try to fill those up as much as I can.  In my spare time, I'll be focusing on building my photography as much as I can.  It makes more sense for me to maximize salon hours and keep myself busy with my existing clientele and spend the remaining time I have editing photos and making myself available for paying photography gigs.  Zero Zero will basically be a place I come to work at, so that I can continue paying off child support.  I'm sorry if my new hours don't accommodate everyone and I'm sorry that I'm not doing longer hair anymore (it's too much of a strain on my body).  I've done hair for 11 years and for as much as I love it, I can't be making paychecks like this.  It's impossible to live.  I hope you all can understand.  

Mike - Senior Photos - #JG365Project

Thom Powers - The Naked and Famous - #JG365Project Day 156

Today was one of those days, that I will remember for the rest of my life.  I woke up this morning, around my usual time at 7 AM (Eastern) checked where we were, then went back to sleep.  Around 9, I awoke again and from there, I started getting ready.  Once we hit Pittsburgh, my job was about to start.  I'd found a location that I wanted to shoot TNAF in desperately.  An old, historic steel mill, integral to the history of this fine city.  It still is operated for tour groups, photographers, and even graffiti artists.  This city bleeds history AND art, which is why I find it so fascinating.  We got our photos and if it weren't for this guy, pictured here, I wouldn't be out here.  This is Thom, singer of TNAF.  He contacted me the day after Sasquatch and asked if I would come shoot portraits of them.  156 days ago, I started this project with the intention of just shooting photos of a person a day for 365 days.  Today, I realized more of the dream than I ever have before.  I feel humbled and blessed.  Grateful and fulfilled.  Thank you Thom, Alisa, Jesse, Aaron and David.  You all are so dear to me.  #JG365Project.  

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Man Overboard (Photos)

One.  Five. Oh.  Halfway to 300.  When I started this project, on the streets of downtown Seattle, with a homeless man on New Years Day, around 1:00 AM, I didn't really think this whole thing through.  Then two weeks progressed and I took the project to California.  Two weeks later and I was in New York.  At some point, I realized "I've got to keep this up.  I can't let it die out."  But some mornings, I wake up and I legit have NO idea who I'm going to shoot that day.  Today, was one of those days.  By 9 pm, I still didn't have anyone.  And then I realized that Man Overboard was playing tonight at Chop Suey and I phoned a friend.  20 minutes later and I was on the guest list, with photo access.  30 minutes later and I arrived at the Chop, camera in hand.  Within 2 minutes, Nik, the singer of Man Overboard walked right past me.  I tracked him down, introduced myself, and told him about my project.  He obliged, I shot a photo and then a homeless man photobombed us.  This is real people.  2014 is about making commitments and sticking to them.  I spent my marriage breaking a commitment.  This project isn't just about photos.  It's about sticking to what I said I would when I started it.  #JG365Project, day 150. 

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Tour with The Naked and Famous

On the evening of Tuesday, June 3rd, I will be leaving for a brief stint to jump out on tour with The Naked and Famous to shoot their concerts in Columbus, OH and Pittsburgh, PA.  As well, I'll be shooting promo photos for them as they wrap up their tour cycle for "In Rolling Waves", their sophomore record.  This is quite an honor to have been asked to shoot these photos and I'm looking forward to this opportunity.  I chose Pittsburgh as the location for the promos because of how visually stunning their city is.  I've been before and have always loved the architecture, art, natural beauty and urban decay that exists all over the city.  In the coming weeks, I'll hopefully have a teaser photo to show from the shoot, but I'll be blogging daily while on the tour.  I return June 7th and promptly shoot family photos for clients here, before returning to the salon on Monday the 9th.  I'll be working that week and two days the following week, before leaving for Hawaii from June 18-25th.  Once back from Hawaii, I've got a wedding to shoot at the end of June and 2 dates of the Vans Warped Tour. Then, it's JULY.  Book your appointments now for photos and hair, because I'm starting to fill up.  Thanks!  

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Isaac Johnson / Lake Pend Oreille - Sandpoint, ID

I went all the way to Sandpoint, Idaho for Day 145 of the #JG365Project.  Here, I met up with my cousin Isaac, the day after his Senior Prom and now, less than 3 weeks away from his graduation.  I believe this is the part of the project that makes me feel "old".  He's off to Boise State for college, having earned an academic scholarship that'll pay for most of his schooling.  he sweated through 4 years of h.s. football and will be playing lacrosse at BSU while pursuing an engineering degree.  Today, we adventured around Lake Pend Oreille, finding a spot where the lake was low and all the driftwood had accumulated.  We pursued an abandoned shack and came upon a few spots for photos that were absolutely magic.  
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Rebecca & Daniel (Photos)

Four years ago, my cousin moved back to Seattle from Portland.  His marriage had fallen apart and his mom was dying of cancer.  He lived in the house he grew up in to help out at home and to get back on his own two feet.  I hadn't seen him in a few years and his presence back in Seattle has become one of the most important relationships that I could have.  Understandably, he went through a lot that year & the ensuing years.  He took his time in finding where he needed to be, not rushing into anything.  I admired that about him.  Last year, he began dating Rebecca, who is pictured above.  She also had come from a relationship that she needed to get out of.  I've watched as the two of them have become so good for each other, helping bring one another up and form a really healthy relational bond.  If it gets said, or if it doesn't, there isn't a person who knows them who isn't in love with them as a couple.  Good things come to those who wait.  It doesn't always come when we want it, but in time, it all works out.  Be patient.  Have faith.  #JG365Project day 149.

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The Naked and Famous - Sasquatch 2014 (Photos)

I trekked out to George, WA to visit with some people who I thoroughly enjoy.  These folks happen to make some music, under the name The Naked and Famous, so not only did I get to visit, but I also got to watch their performance on the main stage at Sasquatch Festival.  In the process, I documented the day photographically and shot a few band portraits as well, because the setting at the Gorge is absolutely stunning.  If you have a chance, please go see TNAF on their current US tour.  Not only is their music great, but they are really humble and pleasant people.  

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Outkast - Sasquatch 2014 (Photos)

In 1994, I received a debut CD by mail (Columbia House!!) from a rap group who I had never heard of before.  I had to listen to it on my walkman, because it wasn't an "approved" CD, but I remember at the time thinking that it was absolutely groundbreaking.  The group was Outkast´╗┐ and the CD was "Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik".  20 years later, at the Gorge, I got to shoot photos of this monumental hip-hop group.  It's rare where I'm shooting AND singing along to every word, because shooting photos is work, but in this case, I couldn't help it.  I was 13 again and rapping every word to every song, while pressing the shutter button to my hearts content.  Hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them.  

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Tim Lewis - KOMO News

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Not too many of us get to say that they go to work with their dad every day, but for the past few years, this guy has been able to do just that.  He grew up, just like any of us, watching his dad go to work and not thinking too much of it.  One of the differences though, was that when he went anywhere in the Seattle area with his Pops, chances were, they'd get stopped because people wanted to say hello to him. You see, his Dad has been a news anchor on KOMO News for the past 27 years and tonight, he signed off on the last broadcast of his career.  The influence that he had on his son's life was so great that it caused Tim (pictured) to want to go into broadcasting himself (he does Sports at KOMO now). What I loved about our convo, was that Tim doesn't ever act as if he's "cool" because he gets to be on TV, reporting sports here in Seattle.  He just does what he does, because it's "so much fun".  You couldn't ask for more than that, could ya'?  For day 141 of the #JG365Project, I present Tim Lewis, sports fan, blogger, and son of a public figure -- yet humble as you would hope he could be.  

Kris Orlowski

Meeting a musician is an interesting thing.  You listen to their music, you read about them online, and when you finally meet them, you think you know them.  It's a gift and a curse I imagine, because music and lyrics are sometimes autobiographical, but other times, they're another means to tell a story, much like any author would.  I met my subject for day 139 of the #JG365Project today, for the first time, and as mentioned, I had already read up on him, listened to his music, and talked w/ my girlfriend about how much we enjoyed his lead single.  When you meet new people, it's not always easy to just have a 45 minute convo w/ them, but in essence that's what happened today and he was so easy to sit and talk to.  His band is about to leave on a nationwide tour to promote their new album "Believer", so before taking off, I cleaned his haircut up a bit and then shot a few photos of him for the project.    

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Josephyne and Jordan (Photos)